Traffic cop stops President’s convoy to let ambulance pass


We are all tired of hearing that people in India do not really behave as Good Samaritans when it comes to traffic rules or making way for ambulances during heavy rush on roads. Of course, coming out of a huge crowd of people at a festive time is definitely a nightmare. But breaking the stereotypes of this kind, we have seen a wonderful moment last year when people of Pune restored our faith in humanity by this awful act of making Way For AMBULANCE while huge Ganesh Visarjan celebrations were going on.

Bluru cop stops prez convoy for ambulance

The city police on Sunday rewarded traffic police sub-inspector M L Nijalingappa for deftly allowing an ambulance on priority basis during the convoy movement of the President who was in the city for the inauguration of Metro’s Green Line. Nijalingappa attached to Ulsoor Traffic police station was deployed at Trinity Circle on Saturday to facilitate the movement of the President’s convoy. The convoy was heading towards Raj Bhavan when Nijalingappa spotted an ambulance trying to find a way towards a private hospital near HAL.

Nijalingappa immediately passed on a message to senior officials seeking permission to allow the ambulance ahead of the convoy. He said it was 4.25pm when an ambulance from Hosmat Hospital was on its way towards RM Road via Trinity Circle. As it was an emergency case, I allowed the ambulance to pass the junction immediately after passing the message to senior officials. As there was enough space and time to let the ambulance pass, I decided to allow it before the convoy passed the area.

City police commissioner Praveen Sood on Sunday rewarded PSI Nijalingappa for taking the initiative and tweeted about the same. Other Twitter users were quick to applaud the efforts of the traffic police officer.

Here is the video to watch now :