Special Operation on December 31st Night !


Necessary measures have been taken by Hyderabad Cops to prevent accidents or disturbing events on the New Year eve. If commuters feel they could get away even after driving their vehicles under the influence of alcohol on December 31st or January 1st, Then they would be in some serious trouble for sure.


Monday afternoon, the Secretariat of the Interior Ministry on December 25 to celebrate the big day and the Thirty First Night of the law and order situation and control the meeting, the Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters. Police Department has decided to conduct a special drive on drunken driving from 10 PM on December 31st to 5 AM on January 1st in Hyderabad. For this drive, Over 100 Police Teams will be deployed to cover every nook and corner in the city.

Hyderabad Traffic DCP Ranganath warned that vehicles will be seized on spot if commuters were caught driving the vehicles after consuming more than the permissible limit of alcohol. Such people need to attend counselling, pay penalty and could even face jail term if booked in drunk drive case multiple times. Getting caught that too in drunk and drive case in the new year is one of the worst memories for anyone. So folks, be careful and start the new year with a positive note!