This story is the best example for good entrepreneurs


A Short, But, A Real Story!

Today In India Its Unbelievable ……. The Numbers Are A Little Difficult To Swallow, …… But Interesting Nevertheless.

It is the capital city of Delhi. There is a big corporate company. Opposite big company there is a small hotel. One of them is selling samosas. To see that it is a small hotel, but they sell samosas with great tasty. For eating them all corporate employees will go the hotel regularly. Most of them will go to enjoy the samosa taste. However, the hotel got good name around the also.

One day, the company’s manager, went to hotel and ordered samosas and start eating. And those who sell them, exchanged words with the manager. In order to do this, and continued their conversation.


Manager: You are doing well samosas. There is a good skill. There is an excellent talent to sell them to you. And even when you do not waste it with such talent. If you work like me, you will be manager in such a big company..

Who sell samosas: Exactly 10 years ago, you started your career. Then I put this hotel. At that time, my monthly income Rs 1 thousand. Then you had to Rs 10 thousand. Now that your earning Rs 1 lakh per month. I now earn as much as you. But you are going to waste your time.

(Surprised) Manager: I am working with a very large company pay Rs 1 lakh per month. But you are still a small hotel. No matter what position I am in better position. And I’ve got time to waste.? Done waste your overtime.

(With Smiling) the person who sell samosas: You do not understand exactly what I’m saying. Listen I will tell exactly.

10 years ago, I started with 0 (zero) position to start this hotel. You will earn almost as much as I now. In this situation I got good name by selling samosas around surroundings. But in your case there is no such insignificant. Another important thing is …

Today or tomorrow I will retired, my son, take my business to develop it goes forward. His life will goes forward. Then comes the level could open a big hotel. But the job you’re doing now .. Does your child? No … they return 0 (zero) to enable the life. 10-15 years old, hard-to-learn all the skills you again, but now you will not receive such a position. But not so with my children. They now take my business to be in a state with the same kind of 10-15 years, they would quickly.

The person spoke to the manager makes him unable to utter single word from his mouth. In business sector we must go forward and in this sector who need to standby for whom this will be a good story, encouragement, motivation is the story. What is your opinion on this story … ..?