Facebook Messenger Added Group Payments


Starting today for Android and desktop, you can send or receive money between groups of people on Messenger. It’s free, simple, fast and secure. Whether you’re splitting a restaurant bill or chipping in for a group gift, all you need to do is go to a new or existing Messenger group conversation to get started. Facebook Messenger has been the latest thing which is taking something very seriously. The security feature in Facebook is very good that payments introduced in the Facebook Messenger is taking a good way and addition of an important feature which is very helpful for friends living together. Sharing is something very common in friends and this gives the advantage to use in wide range of users.

Facebook Messenger Added Group Payments

Facebook in a release stated that, To make it super simple to keep track of everything, a message will appear in the group conversation showing who has paid. At any time, you can also view the Request Details in full-screen. Coordinating group payments has never been easier. It also added that, As always in Messenger, you don’t need to remember a password, your debit card information is safe and secure, and the service is totally free. Messenger group payments is available in the US for now; give it a go, and let us know what you think.

Steps to Make Group Payments in Facebook Messenger:

Facebook in a statement also gave the guide to use the feature. Simply tap on the plus sign in the bottom left hand corner of a group conversation to find more features, and tap the payments icon ($). Then, choose who to send or request money from. You can choose everyone in the group or only a few members.

Enter the amount you want to request per person or the total sum to divide evenly, either including yourself in the calculation or not. Finally, you can specify what the money is for – maybe a pizza party, teacher gift or more. Once you’re ready, tap Request.