How to Use Whatsapp without Phone Number.


Howdy, WhatsApp users. We all know that billions around the world are using Whatsapp messaging application in their smartphones. The users are still increasing every day. Are you surfing the net like “How to Use WhatsApp without mobile number or phone number or without SIM card?”
Then, Now you are at perfect place to know best procedure for this. Before that WhatsApp generally used for texting messages, sending photos, sending folders, files or videos almost all we can send to our friends and we can make strong bond with our friends, relatives using WhatsApp messenger.
WhatsApp developers released this WhatsApp app to almost all platforms like Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and windows phone. WhatsApp is one of the popular messenger among all apps. WhatsApp is available for free of cost.
There is nothing difficult to perform this trick on your phone. Just follow my instructions to complete it successfully.

how to use whats app without phone number

Install Whatsapp Without Phone Number – Best Whatsapp Trick 2016:

If your particular device doesn’t support to have an SIM card, you no need to be worry about how to use WhatsApp. Just make sure that your device has internet connection using any modem or Wi-Fi connection. There are three different methods to use WhatsApp without a mobile or phone number. Check it out ! !

Method 1: WhatsApp without Mobile Number

Follow below simple tricks guide to free download and install whatsapp without mobile/phone number or SIM card.
Step 1 : If you are already user of whatsApp app, Just delete already exist WhatsApp account.(i.e Uninstall old whatsapp account). Just follow me to use whatsapp without phone number or SIM card.
Note: Before deleting your whatsapp account, you must save your whatsapp files or photos on to your phone.
Step 2 : Are you deleted your old whatsapp account? OK, now download latest whatsapp messenger from playstore and install it without errors.
Step 3 : Here whatsapp need phone number verification. But our aim is to use whatsapp without mobile number. So, our next step is switch your phone to flight mode.
Step 4 : Next, Open your downloaded and installed new whatsapp app and enter your mobile number. It’s in flight mode so, it’s not complete verification process.
Step 5 : So, WhatsApp messenger asks you to complete verification process in alternative way.
Step 6 : Now, choose verification through SMS and enter your valid e-Mail address.
Step 7 : After that click on “SUBMIT” option. Wait, without much delay click on “CANCEL” button.
Step 8 : Now, it’s time to install spoof or fake message apps for your respective devices to use WhatsApp app without phone/mobile number. Download and install Fake message app for iPhone device. If you are android user, then you need a Spoof message app.
Step 9 : Next, Return to Outbox and copy the details and proceed to false verification process in above spoof or fake message apps.
Step 10 : There use below details to complete false verification of whatsapp. To : +447900347295 From : Your country code, your mobile number & Message : Your e-Mail address.
Above process send a false number to you. You just use that false or spoof number to complete verification process. Now, you are ready to use WhatsApp without SIM card or without mobile/phone number with that false mobile number.

Method 2: Use Text Now App

The first method is a regular way of using WhatsApp without a mobile number which is quite a lengthy process. Now, the second method is you can use a mobile app namely TextNow to use WhatsApp without a mobile number.

Step 1: Download TextNow
Download the TextNow app on your device either from the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or the Windows Phone Store. If you’re seeking to use WhatsApp on PC, you need to open your Android emulator (Like, Bluestacks) and search for the TextNow app in it.
Step 2: Open TextNow App
After installing the app, open it and finish the setup process. Note down the number. If the TextNow app does not show your number or if you forgot to note the number, you could find your TextNow number just by following the below steps:

Android: Once you open the app on your Android device, just hit the 3-line icon located on the top-left corner of your Android phone, and there you can see your phone number.
IPhone: Hit the 3-line icon located on the top-left corner of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. There you can see your phone number.
Windows Phone: Once you open the app, just navigate to the People tab wherein you can see your phone number.

Step 3: Verify Number
Once you get the TextNow number, just note it and open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Agree all the terms and conditions of WhatsApp and then enter the TextNow number. You need to wait for 5 minutes for the SMS verification to fail. Once the SMS verification fails, you will be prompted to call your number. Just hit on the Call Me button to receive and automated call from WhatsApp. Make a note of the verification number which you received via the WhatsApp call. Enter the verification code in WhatsApp.
That’s it! You have now successfully created a WhatsApp account without a Phone number.

Method 3: Using Existing Landline

This method makes use of your existing phone or landline number to verify your WhatsApp account.
Step 1: Open your WhatsApp application on your mobile phone, PC or tablet.
Step 2: When it prompts you to enter your number, just enter your Home Phone number or Landline number.
Step 3: Just wait for 5 minutes so that your SMS verification will fail and you’ll be prompted with an option to Call Me. Just click on it to get a call from WhatsApp to your Landline number.
Step 4: An automated voice call from WhatsApp will tell you a 6-digit verification code. Just note it down and enter the code in the space provided on your WhatsApp verification.
Step 5: Once your WhatsApp account gets verified, finish the setup process.
Step 6: That’s it! You can now start a chat or group conversation on your WhatsApp account without using any phone number or mobile number.
These are the three simple methods to use WhatsApp without using your phone number or SIM card.