Dubai in line for world’s first rotating skyscraper


The world’s first rotating skyscraper is set to be built in Dubai by 2020. Dubai is a place where plenty of high rise buildings could be seen. People just can’t stop raving about the ultra modern architecture here. This World-class city is making it to the record books once again. Yes, World’s first ever rotating Skyscraper is being constructed in this beautiful city now. Dubai is full of jaw dropping views from its myriad of skyscrapers, but for those who demand a fresh panorama without moving to a new home there could be a solution.

Worlds First Rotating Skyscraper in Dubai

The Dynamic Tower Hotel has been planned since 2008, having been proposed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. It will stand at 1,375 feet tall, with each of its 80 storey capable of rotating individually around a concrete core, offering 360-degree views of Dubai. Residents will be able to control rotation speeds and stop their apartment from spinning with voice commands. And even also we can’t hear any kind of noise production when the floor is rotating. This first of its kind project has been revived and the work is under progress.

Israel-Italian Architect David Fisher revels each apartment in Dynamic Tower will be able to rotate 360 degrees with an adjustable speed. Elevator will be placed in the stationary core of the skyscraper and all of the apartments would be connected to it. This dynamic experience will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation and facilities for the traveler with the most cutting-edge technologies, whether for business or leisure. It’s unclear what the price tag is for this massive project, but Dynamic Architecture says the price for an individual apartment unit could range from $4 million to $40 million.

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