Bahu kiliki song crosses 3 million views.


Smita is known for her pop songs and private albums and after a brief gap, she is back in action. She released a series of music videos beginning with Baha Kilikki and they have all been received well. The Baha Kilikki song in particular became quite popular and the video has crossed the 3 Million marks on YouTube.

This racy single features Smita with Kalakeya Prabhakar himself along with Rapper Noel Sean. Smita still looks fabulous and can make you dance to her tunes.

Kiliki, a fictional language, is spoken by Kalkeya tribe and used in recently released historic and war saga Baahubali directed by SS Rajamouli. Lyricist Madhan Karky has invented grammar and whole set of alphabets for this language. Smita Vallurupalli released the video in December 2015 which she used the song in Madhan Karky invented Kiliki language and the music of the song was composed by Achu. She is planning to release few more songs this year.

Smita takes this opportunity to thank the media for its continuous support and encouragement. She truly feels blessed for love and affection showered by her fans and the music fraternity for always being there in her creative endeavours.

Check out the ‘Baha Kilikki’ song, Tribute to Team Baahubali by Smita below: