Yadadri Temple Set For Massive Make Over


Yadgirigutta, fondly known as Telangana Vaikuntham, has always been a place of immense holiness and sanctity. However, over the years, it lost its sheen to an extent. Considering the mythological and religious significance of the temple, the temple did not seem as grand as it was supposed to. But good times now! Chief Minister KCR has a whole set of upgrades planned out for the Temple and its surroundings. Ever since, Telangana has been seeking to raise the popularity of its own temples as pilgrimage sites, and has settled on the Yadadri (earlier called Yadagirigutta) Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple as the answer to its prayers.


Some of the interesting facts to know are:

  1. The Yadagirigutta temple will be refurbished in all its grandeur. Anand Sai a renowned Art Director designed the new look of the temple. Besides the Garbhagudi the surrounding temple will be redesigned.
  2. Along with sanctioning a 4-line road leading to the temple from, along with two one-way ghat roads for the hillock. The roads around Yadagirigutta hill such as Rajapet Road, Wangapally Road, Thurkapally Road will also be developed.
  3. The temple’s main gopuram is also being raised to a height of 100ft, to make it visible from every part of the temple complex.
  4. Telangana’s Chief Minister, Mr. KCR, has announced the budget of a 100 crore every year for the development of the temple to the newly and exclusively formed Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority.
  5. The security arrangements will also include special under-vehicle surveillance units at the entrance gates to the temple and a special security detail for the VIP housing complex in the temple town.
  6. While the Government is doing its part in turning around the face of the temple, NRI devotees and corporate institutions too are pitching in for the same. Reliance and Tata together contributed a massive amount of 500 crore!
  7. This amount is going to be used to construct around cottages at the foot of the hill for the devotees along with other facilities. Earlier the facilities for the visiting devotees here were meagre. 2000 acres of land is said to have been acquired for this project.
  8. The CM has ordered to facilitate space and resources to organised and commence mass Satyanarayana Vratham in the premises of the temple to bring back its ancient glory.
  9. At the corner of the hillock, plans are being made to carve out a massive stone sculpture of Lord Hanuman. Currently, noted sculptors are working on identifying the stone to carry out this task.
  10. Besides the usual, the temple is going to be endowed with special areas for the Temple Kitchen, Auditorium, Vratha Pooja Hall, Siddha Kshetra Dham amongst other provisions for the devotees.