Temple To Honour Mahatma Gandhi Opened In Chityal.


A temple to honour Mahatma Gandhi at Chityal village in Nalgonda district near Hyderabad is open to the public on Friday. The complex is spread over 4 acres. The two-storied main temple rises 55 ft with a meditation hall on the ground floor. Mahatma Gandhi temple is located on Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway on the outskirts of Chityal village of Nalgonda district.

It is flanked by Pancha Bhutas and Navagrahas temples.The Wheel of Dharma is outside the Garba Griha while there is a 32- foot Dhwaja Stambh. Holy books — Gita, Quran, Bible, Tripitaka, Jinvani and Guru Granth Sahib — besides Gandhi’s autobiography, My Experiments with Truth, are kept in separate glass boxes besides soil from 30 pilgrim spots.In a first of its kind Mahatma Gandhi’s temple in Chityal town of Nalgonda district in Telangana, is drawing attention of people from nearby villages. The father of the nation is being worshipped as God and devotees come here to seek his blessings. The temple was opened for public in September 2014 and is being maintained by Mahatma Charitable Trust, a group of retired teachers and doctors. The trust is also running a website by name www.mahatmagandhi.org.