This Is How Stale Vegetables Are Made To Look Fresh


This video published by 101India reveals how there’s big scam of making vegetables fresh is going under our nose. How the farmers use chemicals or sprays on the vegetables to look fresh so that they can easily sold. Here is the video shows how farmers use silicone sprays, colored dyes and injections to make stale vegetables look fresh.


As a result of this vegetables looks fresh and shiny on the cart of the seller so you might be fooled in buying the stale products. Silicone spray makes the vegetables look shiny and fresh, even when it’s actually a few days old. Malachite green, a manufacturing dye, is added to green vegetables to make them look more vibrant, attractive and fresh. Oxytocin injections are pumped directly into vegetables like bottle gourd, making them swell in size overnight. What would otherwise have taken a week to mature, is now ready to be shipped to the market overnight.

Look at here what farmers are doing to make stale veggies look fresh: