Jakkanna Movie Review & Rating

Alajadi Rating


Cast: Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Sapthagiri, Nagineedu, others

Directed by: Vamshi Krishna Akkela

Produced by: RPA Creations

Banner: RPA Creations banners

Music Composed by: Dinesh

Once famous comedian is now searching for a hit as hero. He is none other than Hero Sunil, his latest film “Jakkanna” is realsed to audience today. Sunil is well known for his comedy timing but his graph is falling down as a hero as his previous ventures turned as flops. Jakkanna movie trailer is created a buzz in the audience and this is must win situation for Sunil. Here is the verdict of Jakkanna.


The story deals with the journey of a man named Ganesh (Sunil), getting involved in various people’s lives wishing to repay them for the help he received. Sunil plays the role of a guy who never forgets the people who helped him. He enters into their lives to give back but creates all kinds of mess. Ganesh stumbles into the life of the Bairagi (Kabhir Khan), who is very cruel and has no identity in the city of Vizag. Ganesh rescues Biaraagi from an attack. why Ganesh saved Bairagi forms rest of the story.

Alajadi Analysis:

The first thing that comes into our mind, when we heard Sunil name is comedy. But Jakkanna failed to provide that essential ingredient to its audience with this movie. Same old mass masala songs, action scenes, unnecessary punch dialogues irritate common audience. Director wrote a single line of story and dragged it for two and half hours. Story is so guessable and illogical in some points. First half of the movie goes with characters introduction, comedy skits and interval twist is good as it create some expectations in audience. Second half is no different than first but hero is playing with villain this time.

Actors Performance:

Sunil: Sunil timing is great and he acted very well as Jakkanna alias Ganesh. Audience can enjoy special punch dialogues said by Sunil. He shown more maturity in dances and fight sequences. 

Mannara Chopra: Nothing more than a glamorous heroine, who dances next to hero. She is well suited for Sunil.

30 years Prudhvi brought some laughs as CI Kattappa and Sapthagiri character as kung fu master is OK. Nagineedu, Kabhir Khan did well in their roles.  

Technical Team Performance:

When it comes to technical team, director Vamsi Krishna Akella’s story is predictable and routine, Cinematographer C Ram Prasad did a great job and outdoor locations in songs are nicely captured. Dinesh  Kanagarathnam music is okay and background music is good.

Plus Points:

  • Sunil action
  • Punch Dialogues
  • Background Music
  • Interval Twist

Minus Points:

  • Routine Story
  • Artificial Comedy