courier boy kalyan review

courier boy kalyan movie review

Alajadi Rating


Cast: Nithin, Yami Goutham, Nassar

Directed by: Premsai

Produced by: Goutham Menon

Banner: Guru Films

Music Composed by: Karthik, Anup Rubens

The much awaited courier is finally delivered to theaters today worldwide.The courier boy Nithin  chosen to hit the screens on a most auspicious day, Ganesh chathurthi. Lets see whether Lord Ganesha saved him by proper delivery or not ?


Panileni Kalyan aka PK(Nithin) is a happy go lucky youth in Hyderabad. He becomes a courier boy to help his friend and during a delivery he falls in love at first instance with Kavya (Yami Gautham), who is a sales girl in Khadi Bhavan. To impress her, PK takes up the courier boy’s job and starts visiting Kavaya’s office with several parcels daily. But things fall apart when he picks up Sathya Murthi’s (Nassar) package, which can destroy doctor Ashutosh Rana’s 10 years of research. Aggressive Ashutosh Rana’s associates start chasing PK, asking to handover the much valuable package. As PK tries to dig the truth behind parcel, researcher and his associates, he uncovers the truth about the package, which leads to never ending chases, fights, thrills and uncovering the truth in the finale. What is in that parcel? And How will he escape this deadly situation ?  the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Story of the film is quite new and has a unique premise. The way it has been set in a contemporary approach needs appreciation. Nithin has done a decent job and carries the film on his shoulders. He is exceptionally good in all the romantic scenes and shares a decent chemistry with Yami. Ashutosh Rana is ok as the corrupt doctor. Yami looks elegant but does not have much to do in the film. First half of the film has some interesting moments. The romantic track is good and the twists that come during the interval make way for a racy second half. But The major drawback of Courier Boy Kalyan are the songs. Even though they sound good they are a huge disturbance. Music by Karthik and Anup Rubens is pretty good, but sadly the songs are misplaced. Background score is decent and elevates the film well. Screenplay is ok in the first half but loses grip in the second half. Camera work is decent and the way all the thrills have been conceived look fresh. Nassar character which resembles power star Pawan kalyan is a feast for his die hard fans.

Director Prem Sai, chooses an interesting subject but fails to give us the thrill. The film seems unofficial lift from Hollywood’s Premiere Rush. Climax of the film looks hurried up and make you feel that the proceedings should have gone a bit longer.

When you try to induce unnecessary commercial elements in a very interesting and engaging concept, the result is Courier Boy Kalyan. The film which could been a decent thriller is seriously obstructed with the songs and a hurry burry climax.

Plus Points:

  • Nithin
  • Cinematography
  • Nassar character

 Minus Points:

  •  Remaining all