Revealed..!! The Voice Behind Bigg Boss Show


There were several doubts on the success of Big Boss reality show hosted by NTR before the commencement of the show. TRP ratings are yet to come out but the show is slowly picking up among the audience. Audience feel that episodes on the weekdays are dull.. but weekend episodes are raising curiosity due to NTR’ presence the show. Bigg Boss show is running effectively. In spite of the fact that it didn’t reach to the abnormal state desires of the crowds, having sampoo and dhanraj has opened a path to another level of stimulation. Their funny comic drama in the reason numerous gatherings of people are watching the show. Be that as it may, a large portion of us are keen on knowing the individual behind the sweet voice of Bigg Boss. 


If you have watched Bigg Boss show, you’ll surely aware of the person who controls the participants and passes orders whenever there is a need.. he is not NTR but he is Bigg Boss.  Only his voice will be heard but he’ll not be seen in the programme.  Then who’s that person lending voice to the Bigg Boss ? Latest talk reveals that popular dubbing artiste Radha Krishna is lending his voice to the Bigg Boss.  Another dubbing artiste Shankar is said to be helping Radha Krishna in dubbing.  Shankar used to dub for ‘CID’ serial Telugu version.  If we talk about Hindi version of Bigg Boss, Atul Kapoor is lending his voice of Bigg Boss. 

On the other hand, Junior NTR has increased the expectations on the show with the last two episodes.  The organisers are slowly increasing the entertainment dose by adding masala to make it interesting.