Prasanna and Sneha donates 2 Lakhs to Farmers!


Actress Sneha and her husband Prasanna are so beautiful couple People wouldn’t differ with this statement if they come to know about their generous act. Now, this star couple is praised by media and common audiences. Prasanna and Sneha, the famous star couple in Kollywood has donated Rs 2 lakhs to ten struggling farmers.

Kollywood Couples Helped Tamil Nadu Farmers

Dark horse Vishal is a proved real hero in life with his heartwarming acts towards poor and people in needy. Likewise, his earlier helps to many organizations, he is now helping the Tamil farmers who are doing hunger strike against farmer suicides. He recently organized a charity event and donated the amount to farmers. Taking the lead from Vishal, the veteran actress Sneha and her husband cum director Prasanna have donated two lakhs rupees to the farmers. Sneha said that she and her husband were very touched with Vishal’s work and they have decided to help the needy people as much as they can.

Vishal and others expressed their happiness with this couple’s act. Vishal has now formed and organization with the help of his NGO friend to help the farmers in Tamil Nadu. She said, “ The food we eat come on our table only because of Farmer’s hard work. It is our duty to helm them. Though our help may not resolve their entire needs, we are happy that we could  contribute at least this much.” Prasanna also appealed to people from other fields for the contribution.