Pittagoda Movie Review and Rating


Pittagoda movie is a romantic comedy entertainer written and directed by Anudeep KV and bankrolled by D Suresh Babu and jointly produced by Dinesh Kumar and Ram Mohan P while Kamalakar scored music for this movie. Viswadev Rachakonda and Punarnavi Bhupalam (Uyyala Jampala movie fame) are playing the main lead roles in this movie. The movie revolves around jobless guys in a colony and they try to do something to gain popularity.



The film is based on the lives of four close friends who live in the small town of Godavari Khani, Telangana. Not serious about their lives, this group decides to somehow make it big and plan to organize a cricket tournament in their area. Things seem to go as planned until Tippu(Vishwadev), one of the friends falls in love with Divya(Punarnavi) and halts the cricket tournament all of a sudden. This creates huge differences between the close friends and even lands all of them in jail.

Why did Tippu do all this? How do the close friends get reunited? and What happens to Tippu’s love story? That forms the rest of the story.

Alajadi Analysis:

Pittagoda is a story of four vagabonds who have no aspirations. With decent comedy and witty one-liners the director succeeded in making the film One time watch. If you are quite okay with the predictable nature and don’t mind the routine and hurried up endings, this film with with some realistic and feel good emotions ends up as a decent watch this weekend.

Actors Performance:

Neither Viswadev Rachakonda nor Punarnavi have the features of a Hero-Heroine. Only the characters of Tippu & Divya could be seen when they appear on the screen. Both of them impress with their natural performance. Viswadev Rachakonda performs in a casual manner. Punarnavi steals the show with her expressive face.

All the three friends of the Hero tickle the funny bone. The Actor who played the antagonist is alright. Even rest of the cast were mostly debutantes. They have done a decent job.

Technical Team Performance:

Production values of the film are superb. The makers should be credited for giving the film a very good look and feel. Music by Kamalakar is neat and his background score is very good. The screenplay of the film is quite impressive except for the climax where major scenes go haywire. Editing is very good as the run time of the film is quite short. Coming to the director Anudeep, he makes a very decent debut. He chooses a small time love story and places it nicely between some very realistic characters. His strength lies in the way things are narrated with no unnecessary melodrama. Had he taken more care of the climax, things would have been superb for this film.

Plus Points:

  • Vishwa, Punarnavi and Other Friends
  • Nice Oneliners
  • Narration
  • Comedy
  • Pre-Interval

Minus points:

  • Short Film Quality
  • Predictable Climax

Alajadi Rating: 2.5/5.0