Naina The Youngest Transgender In India


This is the story of 17-year-old Naina, India’s youngest transgender who had the clarity of thoughts and conviction to commit to her new identity right from the beginning. This spunky teenager decided it was time to let the world really get to know her.

Naina youngest transgender in India

In 2015, Naina came out in the most beautiful, inspiring and courageous way possible. This student from Delhi’s Vasant Valley School went up to the stage and declared her sexual identity to her entire school during assembly.

She struggle tenaciously to achieve depression and suicidal tendencies with great bravery and with much-needed help from her mother Mishi, who stood as a pillar of support for her. She now has her own YouTube channel called nainaqueenb where she is quite vocal about the cause of the transgenders. Naina is quite an Internet diva now!

Naina loves wearing dresses and sarees, going shopping and taking selfies just like an average teenage girl. But she is also aware of the problems transgenders face and is not afraid to take up their cause. One issue particularly close to her heart is the lack of public toilets for transgenders who are often not allowed into either male or female washrooms.