Easy method to find information about missing children


As we know that the search for lost children is much difficult to find them. They do not find that much easily also. In other words, in very few cases, only the missed children will be find outing them. The best example is our country, because the estimated missing children increasing annually. In this case if any parent’s missed their children’s the first thing done by them is filing a compliant in police station. After that, parent’s will find different ways to find them like giving children’s information in leaflets, newspaper, TV ads and they keep trying it. However, there is no result. By keeping hope, that their kids will be return as soon to their parents were eagerly awaited their families. By this process having children is okay in the end, or else they will feel life long. But now it does not feel pain any more. Aadhar Card brings together all the lost children. How means … 


When we applied for Aadhar card they have taken photo along with that they scan finger print and also scan of iris is taken by the government. Yes, the same… the same would find the missing children information. For this anyone must to do is… so for anyone who find the child is missing immediately take them to the Aadhaar Service Center. The staff of Aadhar service will check their child finger prints, iris copy and they will scan it and they will say Aadhar card number with full details. After that take that child to police station and hand over there with Aadhar card information provided by service center. In any case if AAdhar card service center will deny to provide information just go to police station and hand over the kid in station and the same procedure will follow by the police by going to Aadhar service center.

By doing this, contact the address information which is having with Aadhar number. The missed children will get exactly find out by this process. This can easily assign them to their relatives or family members. In the process, many of the missing child’s where abouts can be easy to learn. If one of their parents or guardians of children enrolled for Aadhaar numbers, if it can still take it as soon as the Aadhaar number and arrange to receive it. If any of the above scenarios is used, then the Aadhar number is used mostly.