Kodandaram – A silent warrior…?


He wants to maintain strategic silence

Is Prof Kodandaram maintaining strategic silence? As to what prompted him to keep himself away from Telangana Government’s development activities? Is it true that Amit Shaw was so keen on inducting him into his saffron brigade?  Now, these are the questions doing rounds among the Telangana intellectuals. Professor Kodandaram was reportedly assured a key position after formation of the State.

However, key chairs where intellectuals are supposed to sit, were filled up by other people, and Kodandaram was denied. Annoyed with the alienation politics of TRS supremo, Kodandaram has been maintaining strategic silence. In fact, he was contacted by BJP top cadres few days back, and however, he doesn’t want to say yes or no to their proposal. “As of now, Kodandaram wish to maintain strategic silence,” a close associate of Professor Kodandaram told on condition of anonymity.

It may be recalled that Kodandaram made interesting comments on ruling government, in last December and also in another NGO meeting held at Potti Sreeramulu University, a week ago. Though the comments are indirect, Kodandaram’s wish to convey the message of his dissidence to the ruling Government was conveyed on a right platform, where eminent personalities like Professor Purushottam Reddy and former Human Rights Commission Member Kakumanu Pedaperi Reddy. Though, in many occasion he avoided question from media on his role in the new state, he has lambasted over the Government in last December in a meeting organised by Telangana literates. He claimed TRS party following footsteps of Andha leaders who betrayed Telangana. He had openly urged to fulfil people expectations in the new state. While expressing his concern over giving excess permissions of Adilabad open cast mining, Professor Kodandaram slammed ruling party for destroying environment. Interestingly, Professor Kodandaram made similar kind of statements in a harsh tone that ruling parties shouldn’t ignore the expectations of common man .

Ongoing activities going in the name of Tank bund development seemed to be a major point in Kodandaram’s speech , in a conference on `Peoples movements and Human Rights’ organised by Centre for Green Revolution, in Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University auditorium recently. “ We have achieved Telangana. But, to reach our goals, we have to take a human path,” Professor Kodandaram observed. Many intellectuals attended that conference were so keen listening to him, as he made a direct attack on the policies of the Government, and however, he didn’t point out any leader in his address. Speaking on the same, a senior BJP leader at centre told that they are trying to identify people like Kodandaram, to restructure the Telangana unit of BJP.