Chanakya Tips For Every Student That Must Be Adopt


Acharya Chanakya, the advisor of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, was a king maker in true sense of the term. Chandragupta followed his advice and was able to unite India against Alexander the Great’s invasion. Chanakya himself was trained at Takshila University, and wrote several philosophies regarding students’ life. According to Chanakya, if students follow these tips, they can easily achieve success in their career.

Acharya Chanakya Tips For Students

कामक्रोधौ तथा लोभं स्वायु श्रृड्गारकौतुरके।
अतिनिद्रातिसेवे च विद्यार्थी ह्मष्ट वर्जयेत्।।
The meaning of the shloka is explained in the following steps. It advice’s a student to refrain from 8 things when in the learning phase of life. Check out…

Tips That Every Student Can Adopt For A Flourishing Career:

  1. Too much pampering of the self: Brooding too much about how you look waste lot of time. The body’s outer appearance is always changing constantly only fools dwell on it.
  2. Over Sleeping: Over sleeping is a symptom of laziness. A lazy man misses many opportunities in life due to this. 
  3. Anger: Impatient people tend to get angry very quickly and repent later. An angry mind can never be at  peace. 
  4. Greed: Greedy people can back stab anyone for their benefit without thinking whether it is right or wrong. Such people are always attracted by things owned by others.
  5. Lust: The feeling of lust can overpower everything else in life and distract you from your goal. Students should be aware of this and remain free from such feelings.
  6. Mocking Others: A student should be serious about learning and not waste time in useless banter or mocking others for their lack of resources.
  7. Gluttony: People who have no control on their taste buds, end up with health problems in life. Students should est healthy food for sharp mind and agile body.
  8. Wasting Money and Resources: In today’s context, habits like late night partying or too much consumerism can dilute a student’s priority in life, and divert their mind from the studies.