Buy these items on Dhanteras to attract wealth & good luck


Diwali is one of the popular festivals of India. It marks the victory of good over evil. Diwali is popularly known as “festival of light” and people celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. People believe that on Diwali day, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth comes home in the form of money, gold, gifts etc. Therefore, shopping for Diwali festival is the inevitable for people in India. Dhanteras is also known as ‘Dhantrayodashi‘ and ‘Dhanvantari Trayodashi‘.

According to one, the son of King Hima was doomed to die on the fourth day of his marriage by snake bite. When his wife came to know of the prediction, she didn’t let him sleep on the fourth day of their marriage and heaped all her ornaments and gold coins in front of the door and sang songs. When Lord Yama, the god of death, reached their doorstep in the form of a serpent, he was so blinded by the dazzle of the ornaments that he couldn’t get past the door. He sat on the heap of the ornaments and stayed there all night listening to the songs. In the morning, he quietly went away. It is also believed that buying new metal on Dhanteras brings good luck.


Let’s have a look at best buys of Dhanteras:

Gold or Silver: People mostly buy gold or silver ornaments or coins on Dhanteras as the day is considered auspicious for such purchases. People believe that good luck and fortune will smile upon them if they buy even a small quantity of the precious metal.

Clothes: On Dhanteras, one should buy and adorn themselves in new clothes. Goddess Laxmi often loves to visit houses that boast a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Gomti Chakra: Wrap 11 Gomti Chakra in a yellow cloth and keep it in your safe/locker.

Diwali specials: Diwali pooja holds great significance in Indian culture. On Dhanteras, ddevotees should buy items related to puja such as decorative lamps, vibrant rangoli colours and puja thali. Rangoli is known for creating pleasant ambiance while lamps are a symbol of piousness. Be prepared to welcome Goddess Laxmi in the house with these things.

Automobiles: If you are keen on adding a vehicle in the house, then Dhanteras is the right day for making the purchase as it promises continued prosperity. Heavy discounts or attractive offers are given by automobile companies on the eve of Dhanteras.

Home Appliances: Some people prefer the latest gadgets and energy saving home appliances in their Diwali shopping list. You can also include Kitchen utensils, steel vessels or storage containers etc, all of which are useful for a home.

Utensils: On Diwali, people mostly use new utensils for kitchen which they buy well in advance on Dhanteras. Buying utensils on the day is significant as it brings prosperity in abundance in the house. Markets are stuffed with lustrous kitchen items on Dhanteras.

Electrical Appliances: If you are looking forward to adding any electrical appliance in the house, then Dhanteras is the ideal day for bringing them home along with incessant affluence. Special and heavy discounts are offered by companies on washing machines, microwaves, televisions and other electrical appliances during the entire week of Dhanteras.

Toys or Accessories for Children: One can also invest in toys and others items for children. It is auspicious for out-and-out success and year-long growth of your child.

Crackers: Diwali is incomplete without firecrackers. Crackers and firework light up the atmosphere of the festival. You can buy the crackers on this auspicious day to drive away evil spirits.