Avoid Hyper Snacking In Movies


You are going to the movies! While it can be fun to order that extra-large popcorn with huge cup of non-diet soda, movies snacks will also add calories to you. The sugar from the candy and soda can cause you to have seizures. One of the most common places where we tend to overeat is the movie theatre. Firstly, you tend to be in a mood to enjoy the movie while satisfying your taste buds and secondly, they sell all kinds of fast foods from popcorn to burgers at the multiplex.

Avoid Hyper Snacking
Here are some ways to avoid overeating at the movies:

  • Eat just before you go. This will make you full enough to not want anything once you get to the movies.
  • Eat very slowly. If you can’t resist eating something, only eat some popcorn every 20 minutes. Avoid Soft Drinks, are just empty calories and harmful chemicals.
  • Share with your family and friends. This way, you will get less food and sugar in your body, especially if your mom and dad tend to stuff popcorn into their mouths during intense scenes.
  • Don’t bring a lot of money. Bring enough for the movie tickets, and just a few extra dollars for snacks. Doing this can prevent you from buying too many snacks.
  • Let your parents order the snacks for you. Most parents will usually limit how much their children eat.
  • Bring a friend who hasn’t yet eaten in the past couple hours. That way, your friend can devour the snacks and prevent you from overeating.