If you subscribe for them, you can meet ‘Bahubali’ Prabhas


The beep channel has announced a new offer to attract the fans of Bahubali. The channel has been asking the netizens to subscribe for them, in order to get a chance to meet Prabhas. They have posted the same on their facebook page. “One lucky subscriber will win a chance to meet prabhas. One of every 10 subscribers will win original Bahubali DVD. Contest ends on October 22,” the beep channel team has stated. Someway or the otherway, Bahubali has been pulling the crowds, from different walks of life.

While, Rajamouli’s Bahubali the beginning has proved itself on a large platform, now the craze has already started for its second part in the audience. They are talking that Bahubali part one is the trailer for Bahubali part two. Many got disappointed with the film as it has not been balanced with the expectations and the original film but few says that Rajamouli has done a good job by not revealing the second part. Slowly the expectations are once again going high for the second part as everyone are expecting that there would be lot more than what the first part actually has in Rajamouli style. It is not an easy task to make a story into two parts that too the second part will be releasing after one year, which is a high risk. However, by planning the movie in two parts, Rajamouli has given chance to the speculators and enthusiastic creative people, to think on his story and, in that way, they are also trying to do something to create hype among the audience. Exactly following the same lines, the beep channel has grabbed a chance to attract the netizens, and at the same creating its own space to spread among the new netizens.