Baahubali Is a Copy Of Kollywood Film ?


Tollywood’s sensational and Hit Director S.S. Rajamouli always gets inspired  from one movie or the other if he wants to come up with stunning things on silver screen. While people are busy identifying the scenes he has copied from Hollywood films for Baahubali, here is a late revelation about the story of the film. Baahubali bears utter resemblance with 1969 released “Adimai Pen”, a super hit Tamil film of MGR and Jayalalitha. Especially the scene of Sivudu character arrival to Mahishmathi during interval block and how everyone chants his name are a lift from that flick. Similarly we have Devasena Anushka’s chained look copied from the same flick. Total story is also inspired from Adimai Pen with total episode of Sivudu finding about his family and the Kingdom he belongs to. Earlier this storyline loosely inspired many Telugu films like Bhairava Dweepam too. Meanwhile, Baahubali collected more than 500 crores gross from its run at box office after releasing on July 10th.