Andhra Pradesh’s Kamakhya–Devipuram


Everybody knows about the popular Shakthipeetham, where the Goddess is considered as the menstruating Goddess Kamakhya Devi, nestled high up on the Nilachal Hill, in the West of Guwahati, Assam. But, we also have a similar temple in Andhra Pradesh, located in Devipuram of Visakhapatnam district. one can reach the temple, from Anakapalle, within one and half-hours duration. The devotees can found Kamakhya yoni here, which is similar to that of in `Kamakhya’ temple in Assam.


Kamakhya devipuram

Devipuram’s primary focus is the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple, a unique three-story structure built in the shape of a Sri Meru Yantra, which is a three-dimensional projection of the sacred Hindu diagram known as Sri Chakra, which is central to Srividya upasana (an ancient and intricate form of Tantric Shakta worship). Measuring 108 feet square at its base and rising 54 feet high, the temple has become an increasingly popular pilgrimage destination over the past decade. Two other shrines, the Kamakhya Peetham and Sivalayam, are located on hills adjacent to the main temple.


Kamakhya devipuram


This temple is unconventional in its practice of allowing devotees to perform puja to the Devi themselves, without regard to caste, creed or gender.This may be an emulation of the Kamakhya temple complex in Assam, which has the same open policy for worship. The fact that many of the temple’s murthis are portrayed as “sky-clad,” or nude, has also, over the years, gained Devipuram considerable attention. Now, the temple’s significance is being noticed by several devotees from across the other states like Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Odisha and Tamilnadu, following the kind of worship here at the main temple.

Though there are different opinions about the worship, the devotees traffic has been increasing day by day to Devipuram, according to locals.