Woman Finds Dead Lizard In French Fries At McDonald’s


A family’s outing for fast food turned into one of horror, when they found a deep-fried lizard in a serving of fries at a McDonald’s outlet in the city. On Tuesday morning, Priyanka Moitra, a resident of Kolkata, took her daughter to the McDonald’s outlet near EM ByPass. They ordered a french fries and while tucking into her fries, the daughter discovered the deep-fried lizard.

Dead lizard found in McDonalds french fries

The mother-daughter duo ordered burgers and fries, and noticed the lizard while eating their food. Moitra immediately felt sick and reported the incident to the manager. When I told the outlet manager about the incident, he showed a careless attitude and left with just a sorry. She then clicked a picture of the deep-fried lizard and reported the incident at the Phulbagan police station.

She is six-month pregnant. What if my child or I would have eaten the food with that fried lizard? A lot of negligence on McDonald’s part. That is why, I have filed a FIR. Meanwhile, Priyanka’s husband Sanjay Moitra expressed shock over the incident. I’m concerned about my family’s health. My wife is pregnant. How can McDonald’s be so careless? As soon as I heard about the incident, I contacted Delhi and Kolkata’s McDonald’s office, but they didn’t bother. There’s been no apology, they just want us to send it to them for analysis.

Ei Samay contacted McDonald’s Kolkata area manager Rohit Kumar about the incident, but he said he is not the authorised person to answer. Raja Mani, a McDonald’s official from Delhi, said, A customer allegedly found a foreign body in their food. We take all reports of this nature very seriously and investigate them thoroughly.

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