New Guinness World Record in Limbo Skating by a Bengaluru kid ! !


A six-year-old boy in Bengaluru on Sunday set a new Guinness World Record in limbo-skating. The kid, Om Prakash Gowda, held his body parallel to the ground and skated under 35 cars in a row, covering a distance of 65 meters with his face just inches off the ground. Gowda has been participating the risky sport from one and a half year.

Six-year-old Bengaluru kid sets new record

Gowda is achieved this feet on his second attempt as he failed on his first, was just 10 cars away when he halted and was unable to complete the stretch in his first attempt. A nervous Gowda took counselling from his coach and reassurances from his family to reach the finish mark in his second attempt. Limbo Skating is a sport in which a person rides on roller skates underneath an obstacle like a pole without touching it. According to rules set by the Guinness World Records, the participant’s hands or fingers should not touch the ground at any point during the attempt.