JNR Movie Satellite Rights Sold For A Record Price


A huge star cast, big budget, massive sets, exotic locations – these are the normal clichés that are associated with films of top heroes. These are also the formula followed by distributors when they buy a film’s theatrical rights. But every now and then a film comes along which has none of the routine stuff in it and yet succeeds tremendously. “Jayammu Nischayammu Raa” is one such movie which made movies without any of the normal clichés attached to it that a big star cast film has.


The film has created box office history among small budget films. Normally a big budget film of a top hero goes for Rs.50 to 100 crores. A film with a second rung hero goes for about Rs.10 to 30 crores. Finally very small budget films go for anywhere between Rs.1 and 3 crores. But “Jayammu Nischayammu Raa” being a small budget went for a stunning Rs.7 crores including satellite rights.

Nara Krishna Reddy of NKR Films has acquired the theatrical and the satellite rights of the film for Rs.7 crores. One can imagine the confidence of the buyer if he is willing to shell out such a big sum for a small budget film that does not boast of any big time names at all. According to trade circles the price it fetched is an indicator of the possible success at the box office. Let’s wait and see.