Google CEO responds to 7yr old girl’s job application


A 7-year-old girl has already made it onto Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s radar by mailing a handwritten job application to the executive a few years early. Chloe Bridgewater from Hereford, England, was talking with her dad about his job one day after school when he mentioned the internet giant. The hand written letter of Chole was addressed to Sundar Pichai as ‘The Google Boss’. This Kid developed a interest for Google after a conversation with her Father Andy recently. When she asked about the ideal place to work, Her Dad said Google would be ideal as it’s known for world’s famous perks and cutting-edge works. When she expressed her wish to bag a job in Google, Andy suggested her to start it early and write a job application. In the letter, Chole claimed she is good student who likes computers, tablets and robots. The other two wishes of the Seven-Year-Old are working at a chocolate factory and swimming at the Olympics.

7YearOld applies for Google Job Sundar Pichai reacts

Four days after Chloe mailed the one-page letter to Google headquarters in late January, Pichai responded with a letter of his own, shocking both the little girl and her dad. The seven-year old received a reply from Sundar Pichai himself, according to a LinkedIn post by her father Andy Bridgewater, that has gone viral. I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to – from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics! the Google chief executive wrote in the letter.

We didn’t expect the CEO to respond, Brigewater said. It means a great deal that someone who must be so busy and have so many important issues to deal with can take time out to respond my 7-year-old daughter, thousand of miles away. What a sign of the type of person he is. Bridgewater admits he has no idea if his daughter will apply to Google one day, though Pichai said he was looking forward to receiving her job application when she’s finished with school. I hope so, but in the end it’s her decision, the proud dad said. For now, Chloe’s family just wants to her to concentrate on being a kid. But when she does show an interest like this, as we have now, we’ll back her all the way, Bridgewater said.