Film Stars Using Juice & Gels To Escape Drugs Case?


At present tollywood is shaking with drug cases, in this drug racket Special Investigation Team from Excise Department is grilling the film celebrities going to the cross examination for a questionnaire, one can’t dispose of the odds of utilizing coercive producers to acquire their blood, urine, nail and hair samples.

 is Aloe Vera for Drug Addicts

Is there anything they can do to loss in the test? Yes, there are a couple of  discretionary detoxification items accessible in the market however when safety comes first, every one of the celebrities going to before SIT are said to be drinking liters of Aloe Vera juice. According to the restorative research, if a man drinks however much liquid as could reasonably be expected couple of days preceding the drug test, exorbitant weakening in blood and urine tests will help in imperfect outcomes. While Certo Sure Jel is one sort of drink available in markets helps in surpassing the drug test, Aloe Vera squeezed is observed to be far sound in detoxification of the drugs present in body. There is a belief that Aloe Vera juice has the medicinal power to detox the body and flush out drugs. There is no scientific proof but it is the belief among people who consume and trade narcotics.

Akun Sabharwal has reportedly divulged that some personalities were allegedly drinking aloe vera juice before attending the questioning so that traces of drugs could not be found in their blood test. He added that they are planning to bring in the high-tech equipment from Delhi which is used by the National Anti-Doping Agency to test athletes for banned substances. 

Some of our drug addicted famous people are too much expending Aloe Vera juice a few hours before going to the Abkari Bhavan with the goal that drug follows in body are died down amid the sample collection. Obviously, Charmi and Navdeep have transparently raised protests on giving their samples.