Buyers happy with Srimanthudu Collections


Mahesh Babu, the super stars of Tollywood is eyeing to be the superstar of South Indian cinema with the latest flick Srimanthudu. Till now openings are expected to be earth shattering in both telugu and tamil versions. Despite a weak run of his past films, there was no such adverse effect on Mahesh Babu because ‘Srimanthudu’ recreated new records in Tollywood. As per our reliable sources there are increase in the number of screens in Tamilnadu from yesterday as the film is running well and house full. The strong plot revolving around a youngster from rich family adopting a village and bringing a change in their lives by confronting with deadly group of villains has tenderly touched the Telugu hearts.Till now, ‘Srimanthudu’ revenues from special benefit shows till Sunday has been quite impressive. Apparently, weekend revenues for any film would be the same. Real test of judgement begins from today because Monday is a working day in Andhra Pradesh and holiday in few areas of Telangana on the eve of Bonalu. If at all ‘Srimanthudu’ prospers at booking counters even for today and tomorrow, this would be a clear indication of the film posted to touch anything near to 80 Crores for its total run. Let us check by today evening or tomorrow morning, how good Mahesh Babu can show his dookudu with the audience to continue his brahmotsavam at Box Office?