Crisis in Telugu Visual Media


Is Telugu visual media facing fiscal crisis? It seems many of the working and non-working journalists associated with several Telugu news , entertainment and devotional channels are in a worried state, as majority of them either getting salaries once in three months or once in two months. Post-election scenario in 2014 has prompted majority of the Telugu news channels to cut-short their man power, and also to reduce the salary bill. Except a few channels, majority of the channels started reducing the size of their teams. Recently, a news channel based at Film nagar made headlines, as the agitation for salaries attaracted the attention of Telangana Press Academy. The owner of the news channel has made his mark in real estate already and also has been running two hospitals at Ameerpet and Madhapur,  in twin cities. Huge expenditure and no break even till five years became a major hindrance in running the news channel, a CEO of a channel told on condition of anonymity.

telugu news channel Media 24

Bharat Today under Spiritual Guru direction:

Meanwhile, another two channels have prepared their road map to enter into the Telugu Visual market. Under the directions of Spiritual Guru, popularly known as Swamy Paripoornannada Bharat Today news channel has completed its formalities and may be very shortly into air. Former Editor of Andhra Pradesh Magazine and senior most journalist Valleeswar is the Chief Editor for the channel, and interestingly, the channel has not declared the `Face of the Channel’. “Except Rammohan, who is into output, nobody is popular on the screen,” a senior journo said and added that it is filled with non-visual and print media people. Another news channel, having its headquarters at Amaravathi, has launched its logo recently. By name `Media 24’ will have its operational headquarters at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, and an employee-friendly journalist Nemani Bhaskar is the Editorial director of the channel. Bhaskar has chosen youngsters, to run the channel. Many people are puzzled at the way these two channels have chosen their entry in the crisis times.