Watch “Be an Indian 2016” New Telugu Short Film


Creative frames presents our 9th short film patriotic genre of social message oriented emotional heart touching film with nationalism and humanity, based on our Indian pledge.

Film making is never been an easy task. It takes a whole lot of effort and perspective. Anyone with an idea and resources can make a short film, but what makes that short film stand out. Some people have a natural flare of narrating as well as putting that narration down to action. Some don’t. But that is alright. Practice and experience makes them a better maker. So what can give an aspiring film maker to follow the right practice and get the right exposure

Most inspirational heart touching award winning telugu short film 2016 is Be an Indian by Ajay Ejjada. Got good response in YouTube, published on Aug 13, 2016 got 4 lakhs views in YouTube.