MBBS Student Rides Rickshaw To Help Needy People


On May 12, Vineeth Vijayan happened to take an auto from Bengaluru town to the medical college where his friend’s mother was admitted when he chanced upon this nameless hero disguised as an auto-rickshaw driver. Vijayan, who was suffering from back pain asked the young driver to ride the rickshaw smoothly to which he replied ‘Okay Sir’ in a gentle voice. 


He was surprised, mainly because he was expecting an usual rude reply, like he has in the past. But that wasn’t all. He was in for more surprise at the end of his trip when he asked the driver how much the fare was. Instead of replying with the amount, the young driver just points to a box kept near his seat and replied, ‘Put anything that you think is satisfactory for this ride.’

The label on the box read, ‘Donation for the poor and needy patients. It was only after he left did Vineeth Vijayan get to know his incredible story, from the security personnel at the hospital. As it turns out, the auto rickshaw driver is a 3 rd year M.B.B.S student whose father passed away sometime back and whose elder brother is paralyzed. He also has two younger sisters.

The superintendent of the hospital had given him the auto as a gift for passing his exams with good marks. Since then, he has been offering rides to the medical college for free or asks people to put some money in the box. At the end of every month, he uses that money for the treatment of the needy people in the hospital. This only goes on to be prove that all you need is a big heart to be a hero. This young man is a reminder of the fact that not all superheroes wear capes.