These are the Reasons Why Women Can’t Keep Secrets!

It is said that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Women are always ready to share, and curious to divulge secrets, while men tend to keep things to themselves. Keeping secrets become a tough task for women, especially when they are asked not to share it with anyone!
Why is it so?
The reason behind it goes back to the time of Mahabharat when women’s nature in this regard was different, and they did NOT tend to reveal important information, even to their family members! Maharshi Ved Vyas reveals a curse that the women kind endured towards the end of Mahabharat, which made them incapable of keeping secrets…
Why women cant keep secrets
Let’s first check the reason in our mythology of why women can’t keep secrets!
Yudhishthir’s Curse (Mahabharata incident):
After the battle of Kurukshetra, Dhristarastra asked Vidura, Dhaumya and Sanjaya to make all arrangements for the cremation of the great warriors killed in the war. Karna had no sons to offer any oblations. They all had been killed. Kunti could not bear this final injustice Karna (Radheya). She called Yudhisthira and said, “One person has been left. You should offer oblations for him too.” Yudhisthira was surprised. He said, “Mother how can I forget anyone who died for me? Who is that person you speak of?”

Kunti said, “Radheya was a Kshatriya. He was the son of Surya. I am his mother. Surya had given me this child when I was a maiden, living in my father’s house. Afraid of the consure of the world, I put him in a box and set it afloat on the waves of Ganga. He was found by Atiratha and his wife Radha brought him up. I am the cause of his tragic life.” Saying this Kunti fainted. Now the grief of the Pandavas was unbearable. Krishna looked at Kunti and at the Pandavas with infinite compassion.

The Pandavas remembered each and every detail of his noble qualities. The Pandavas asked Kunti did Karna know about it. The answer came from Krishna, “Yes he did”. Yudhisthira was very angry with her mother for the great injustice done by her to Karna.

He cursed the entire women race that they would not be able to hide any secret henceforth.

Curious Nature
A study by British skincare company ‘Simple’ showed that women can keep secrets for only about 32 minutes. But why is it so hard to keep a secret? There are several reasons; the most important being their curious nature. Although men also display this nature, but when it comes to sordid lives of others, women tend to be more fascinated.