GST Effect: Hike in Movie Ticket Prices!


Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) comes into existance from 1st July and this brings benefit for few industries and negative impact on few industries. Finally we the people will face the consequences of this effect. Goods & Services Tax (GST) is already showing negative impact on few Industries. Ultimately, It’s the consumers who will be facing the burden from July 1st this year.

Hike in Movie Ticket Prices

Already, A Family of four has to spend anywhere around Rs 1,000 to watch a movie in a Multiplex if the ticket price is Rs 150. Now, The price of movie ticket in Multiplexes has been increased to Rs 200 from existing Rs 150. Whereas, People have to pay Rs 300 per ticket for recliner seats. Prices of Movie Ticket in IMAX Screens has been increased from Rs 250 to Rs 300.

In Single Screens, Price of a Movie Ticket has been increased to Rs 120 from existing Rs 70.  New Ticket prices will come into effect from July 1st (Friday). Producers who rely on low-budget movies fear GST & Ticket Price Hike would hurt them badly.