Govt grants Nita Ambani Y category security


She and her husband Mukesh Ambani who has Z category security, are the first two business tycoons in India to have this level of protection. And Ms Neeta Ambani who has been provided Y security by the central government. The Ambanis are the only private individuals to be given VVIP security. Mrs Ambani, a philanthropist, has been given Y category security, which means that a team of around eight armed guards will protect her.

Not Wrong In Asking Security
Criticism about the issue originates from the following questions:
1. Even though the security services are paid for, is it wise to use NSG & police for private individuals at a time when there has been too many threats, violence and abuse against nationals especially against women?
2. How many personnel can the government afford to provide if more private individuals come asking for VIP security?
3. Is it not insensitive to provide high end (Z & Y) security for two persons from the same family, at a time when minimum security is not assured for majority of women in India?

An official said that Nita Ambani moves separately to lot of places for the work of her Reliance Foundation. Whenever Mukesh Ambani ever travelled with the family, Nita Ambani automatically got covered in his Z category but she was doing her independent work and this Y Category would entitle her to have separate cover from the same force

Home ministry sources say at present, 55 people have the highest level of security or Z plus status, which entitles a person to 45 armed guards. The ‘Z’ category is the second highest VVIP security cover after the ‘Z+’ bracket which has about 40 commandos for the protectee. CRPF is providing VVIP security cover to as many as 58 protectee. Nita Ambani will have to pay money for her cover and provide barracks for the commandoes.