Why is there a cross mark on the backside of a train?


It may be a funny question if anyone asks you that Had you ever traveled in the train?. Then answer these questions, Had you observed letter X on the last wagon when you are in the railway station?. If you have not observed, then don’t forget it next time to observe that symbol. Also, observe the board with letters LV written on it beside the letter X and a red light below the letter X.


You may get a doubt that why it is there on the last wagon and what’s the importance of that symbol. Here is the reason behind that symbols:

  • It indicates that wagon consisting of this letter X is the last wagon of the train.
  • The Letter “X” is used during morning whereas Red light below it is used to indicate during night.
  • If the last wagon of the train doesn’t contain this symbol, then it indicates that the train is in trouble and also it can be known that train is running without some wagons.
  • It can easily alert the railway officials so that they can save from the accident.
  • In addition, a small board with ‘LV’ (black on yellow) is often attached to the rear of the vehicle (it stands for Last Vehicle).

So don’t forget to observe this symbol on the last wagon from the next time you travel in the train. Be careful and alert others by sharing this news.