Benefits of Cool Drinks in Home


Rise in the number of people preferring beverage drinks to fruit juices also shows a rise in the number of new side effects. But every day thousands of people are being admitted in hospitals, just due to over consumption of these beverage drinks. Apart from this, cool drinks have more benefits in home purposes.


Uses of Cool Drinks At Home Are:

  • It will cleans stains and spots on the ceramic plates.
  • It cleans dirty particles on the blankets and rugs.
  • Foot stained marks or burnt spots on utensils will be cleaned by this.
  • It removes sample strains on the clothes also and makes very neat and clean which soap can’t be removed.
  • It will clear any color for your hair.
  • If any color on any metal also it will be removed.
  • Corrosion marks for car batteries and inventors will be cleaned.
  • All than that, it cleans windows dirt particles very neatly.
  • It cleans all marks on the towels.
  • Cleans the all types of water closet facilities.
  • Cleans all the old coins and make into shiny and new.
  • It cleans aluminium foils clearly.
  • It removes all chewing gum stains also.
  • It can be removed blood stains marks on all clothes.
  • It is good for hair also, it will cleans the hair very neatly.
  • In home, if we mix cool drink with water and clean the house it will clean the Insect pests also.
  • Last but not least, we have one more use of this, i.e whoever want to die and early waiting to meet Yama Dharama Raja just have cool drink daily to meet him, by having this daily your entrails will get damaged.