Subhrahmanyam For Sale

Subhrahmanyam For Sale movie review and rating

Alajadi Rating


Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Rezina , Bramhandam, Adah Sharma, Ajay

Directed by: Harish Shankar

Produced by: Dil Raju

Banner: Sri Venkateshwara Creations

Music Composed by: Micky J Mayer

Young and upcoming mega hero Sai Dharam Tej is ready to sale himself this time with the help of the director Haareesh Shankar. Teju is slowly making a his own stand with the help of Mega brand. It seems Producer Dil Raju hasn’t lost the trust on director Harish Shankar despite a flop ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya’. Hero with last hit and director with a flop film joined together for this Subhrahmanyam For Sale ..Let’s see whether they sailed  smoothly or not this time ?


Movie takes off in Kurnool wherein prestigious family headed by Reddappa (Suman) faces humiliation as his daughter Seetha (Regina) escapes to the USA to stall the arranged marriage. Obviously Reddappa has an opposition in Kurnool in the form of satires throwing villain Buchchi (Rao Ramesh). Reason behind Seetha’s breakout to the USA is to marry Ajay (Ranadheer), who obviously is a rogue. Thankfully our hero Subramanyam alias Subbu (Sai Dharam), the pakka commercial person gauging every moment of life in Dollars and cook Chinthakay (Brahmanandam) comes to rescue and Seetha becomes their best partner cum friend.And here comes a situation that, Seetha has to travel India at any cost to attend her sister (Tejaswi Madivada) marriage. So, asusually, she takes help of Subbu to act as husband and they land in Hyderabad. Here comes twist, Subbu has few old unresolved problems with one more goon Govind (Ajay) and his sister Durga (Adah Sharma). How Subbu set rights every problem is rest, dealt in a humorous n funny way.

Alajadi Analysis:

For all those regular formula loving audience, here is one more run-of-the-mill product. If paisa vasool fun drive is the only requirement, Harish Shankar and Sai Dharam offered it well this time. Never going beyond a routine commercial fencing, they recreated an old fashioned backdrop sliced with well established treatment made SFS, an easy winner. Movie takes off on a shaky note introducing the lead characters. Intriguing moments arrive late into narration even when Brahmi’s humor is so so. Only when Regina, Sai develop a wonderful chemistry, movie gets a zing. Harish dragged it till the interval action block. As the lead pair comes back to Kurnool in second half, the real entertainment begins.Though everything runs on predictable lines, Harish pitches up the film level from ‘Guvva Gorinka’ song and every episode from here on is delightfully dealt with a raised engagement quotient. There are plenty of shades like Donga Mogudu, Brindavanam, Parugu and few Hollywood bollywood movies perceived in every scene, without pulling anymore feathers… more the inspiration(lifting scenes in a polished way), entertainment and less is the innovation, excitement.

And  Who knows heroism better than Harish Shankar ? He gave flops but nodoubt he is pakka mass director and his style makes SFS a safest venture. Harish Shankar did a decent job taking care of Mega family image exploited on budding Sai Dharam. Story sounds age old and juiced without pulp from years. Shadowing this big disadvantage, Harish pulled off everything in entertaining way with an overused Satish Vegesna screenplay. Harish succeeded in serving Mega punches for Fans to munch. Harish’s directional abilities are far better tested in his earlier movies and SFS offered nothing new from him. Ram Prasad’s camera work is neat Action choreography of Ram Laxman had some great shakes. Mickey J Meyer’s music is OK..Guvva Gorinka remixed by Raj-Koti canned on Grand Canyon is best catchy moment. Production values of Dil Raju are simply Superb.

Till now, Sai Dharam never depended big on Mega family image to carry out a character given. Thanks to the dynamic definition of commerciality, Sai Dharam is shown here as compound admixture of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan in all major occasions. Following their body language, mannerisms, dance moves, dialogue renderings etc; Sai was less into his originality and more into imitating Mega brothers’ peculiarity. Good thing is, the trick worked out supremely and there’s continuous overflow goose bumps for Mega Fans right from ‘Thammudu’ ‘Made in Andhra’ song introduction to ‘Guvva Gorinika’ remix and it flown flamboyantly till end. Regina is rarest of Tollywood talents who can be lively, romantic, emotional, naughty etc.. give her any expression and she is sure to leave a mark. Seetha being the central character for whole film, Regina is a perfect choice. Brahmi presence served only to an extent with half baked laughs. Adah Sharma is fine. Dialogues on Rao Ramesh are well applauded. Suman, Naga Babu, Naresh stood as just ok. Ajay did a fine job. Prabhas Srinu, Fish Venkat, Gabbar Singh gang, Thagubothu Ramesh, Saleem Feku were side splitting. Kota’s Software dialogue is sure to register. Among the rest Surekha Vani, Pragathi, Jeeva etc struck to their portions.

Beyond all these, ‘ Subhrahmanyam For Sale ’ stands a good entertainer with tender emotions, decent family values, loads of fun, plenty of casting, Mega elements, well penned dialogues and of course few double meaning dialogues make it worth a Commercial flick., ‘ Subhrahmanyam For Sale ’ is sure to rock on Box Office front. Dil Raju being the marketing brain, he is sure to boost the commercial range of SFS from a safe film to hit status.