Sharukh khan’s New Van Has Everything..!


King khan Sharukh gets a new modernized van. It is worth just Rs 4 Crore. Dilip Chabbria has designed this car. The designer has used glass on the floor of the bus, which is back lit and illuminated. The bus has wood panels on the roof, and apart from that a small extension also is created. The extension has the facility of expansion in the form of a bigger room. It is Sharukh Khan’s wish to utilize the facility of extension. The van has a pantry section, a wardrobe section, special make up chair, separate toilet cubicle and an in built shower.

The vanity van, called the biggest and most expensive one of its kind in Bollywood, was designed by DC Design, which has previously made similar vans for Sharukh Khan. The van took around 45-60 days to build and contains top-of-the-line features(DC Design). DC Design founder Dilip Chhabria said Sharukh Khan likes “all things futuristic, but at the same time also wants to keep things clean and classy.” He added: “It was a challenge for us to marry functionality with the aesthetics of the whole van and give him an exclusive product with super functionality.” The front section of the van hydraulically extends, increasing the lounge area. The van includes high-end audio and video equipment along with several other gadgets. The highest paid Bollywood hero Sharukh khans’ new van is attracting everyone in the industry.