Manushula Madhya,Manasula Madhya ” Kanche “lu Tolagipovali


Hero Varun Tej has just shared a posting on his facebook wall.  That is “Manushula Madhya, manasula Madhya unna Kanchelu tholagipovaali ani korukuntu….Eid Mubarak”. He strongly placed his wish before the Almighty that the boundaries in between the human beings and the in the minds of the people should vanish, and a pleasant society should happen, with the blessings of Allah. In the recent past movie artists have started using every occasion for their film promotion through facebook, with some kind of message and, on the same lines Varun Tej also has conveyed his wish through FB.

Kanche audio is getting good response. Bollywood composer Chirrantan Bhatt forayed into Tollywood with Kanche, as music director.  He started with Itu Itu Ani Chitikelu Evvarivo sung by Abhay Jodhpurhar and Shreya Ghoshal. The song follows a vintage feel, melody and instrumentation, and Shreya’s voice is the standout in this song. The next song Ooru Erayyindi Eru Horettindi sung by Shankar Mahadevan is an elegant and feel-good song, and follows the pattern of beautiful vocal lines and retro instrumentation. The chorus is catchy. Nijamenani Nammani sung by the masterful Shreya Ghoshal is a slow, brooding song with an emotional vibe flowing through the song. The table and Carnatic string sections add the gravitas to this musical masterpiece. The next song Bhaga Bhagamani sung by Vijay Prakash is a war song with elaborate use of drums, but is not up to the mark of the rest of the songs in the album. The final song Raa Mundadugeddam sung by Vijay Prakash and Heerti Sagathia is an anthemic and patriotic song and the lyrics of this song are the highlight. On the whole, the themed style of the album is a delightful change from the song and dance routine seen these days.

Mega Hero Varun Tej is expected to prove his mettle with Krish directing romantic saga Kanche. The film’s teaser created interest among film buffs and trade circles. The production unit is set to raise the prospects with a theatrical trailer Released. It appears to be entire nation is waiting for the trailer as the trend #Kanche is trending top in social site- Twitter.

Unlike other mega heroes, Varun Tej played a granular role in his second film that will have required commercial elements. It is heard that, the actor shot with a real world war gun. The reason behind, the makers releasing the trailer today is, The film’s love story set during the World War II had began on September 1, 75 years ago in 1939.

Pragya Jaiswal is Varun’s love interest in the epic World War 2 drama. In fact, this is the first World War based film. Meanwhile, Kanche is due for release on October 2nd as Gandhi Jayanthi special.