Indian youth effect, China to amend its one child policy


Indian youth effect, China to amend its one child policy

China, world biggest nation according to population is changing its one child policy. This policy is first implemented in 1978 to reduce ever growing population, social and economical problems in China. However there is no official figures available, how did this policy affected chinese population. This policy is criticized heavily out side china including accusations of human rights abuses while implementing this policy and concerns about negative social consequences. But 73% chinese people are supported this policy according to a survey conducted in 2007.

Political scenario in the world is changing day by day. Struggle for the power, economical strength is growing and all the countries realized that youth are the driving force for economical growth of the country. According to an UN report India has more than 100 million youth population(10-24 years old) than China. If it continues India will beat Chinese economy soon by becoming world leading workforce provider. Researchers argued this might be the reason that the Chinese government abolish old one child policy and come up with new two child policy, where every family allowed to have two kids. We need to wait some more time to see, when will this new policy will be implemented