Get your train coach cleaned with just a SMS


Clean your train coach with a sms

Some people might had an uncomfortable train journey due to uncleaned train coaches in India. But this is going to change soon with new “On board housekeeping service (OBHS)” service introduced in Indian trains. With this service, cleaning staff are always available on train and deal with cleanliness requests. They clean all the coaches in the train twice a day and attend the train passengers complaints.

When you find your train coach is dirty, just send an SMS to 58888 by typing CLEAN < Space >< Your 10-digit PNR number>. Your request will directly sent to OBHS staff available on the train and you will get contact details of the same staff as a reply SMS. A copy of your request also sent to higher authorities. Once cleaning staff got your request, they will come and clean your coach again.

If you have access to internet, you can also register your complaints in  website. Once your complaint is registered you can see the progress of it on that website. OBHS is already served more than 14,000 clean requests  and this service is only available on long distance running trains. According to cleanmycoach website, this service is available on 1,100 trains and counting. So if your train coach is dirty, don’t forget to use this service for comfortable train journey.