Viral Video: Frustrated Telugu Girl Student About US Life


America is a dream destination for many college graduates in India. While the well-off students land in the US for Post-Graduation, others take the route of cracking jobs in MNCs. The dollar earning dream is the sole reason behind everyone’s aspirations. Now, have a look at the video of a Telugu student who has some interesting stuff to say about life of students in the US.

After introducing herself as a frustrated Indian student living in the US, this Telugu girl tore apart the dream of big American dream of Indians with her sarcastic jibes at how students lead life in the US.

Most students who come to the US have no idea of why they come here. The American attraction somehow brings them here and once you are in, you have to forget about self-respect and do works like housekeeping etc. which you would be ashamed to even consider as a work option in India, she said. The girl also talked about exorbitant house rents, congested living conditions, bugs, health issues etc. One definitely needs to have a look at this viral video to listen the plight of Indian students in her own words. The lady explained the costly rents there and how 15 people rent one house of two rooms. From cleanliness or lack of cleanliness to medical expenses to health issues she shared the pain in a rather funny way!

While this may lead to divide opinions, let us put it this way, the new Immigration Policy by new US President-elect Donald Trump is going to be making tough for the aspirants to head to US. That means none of those hardships she told!

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