12 Best Salute Selfies that give us Immense Pride for our Nation


We have many festivals and we regularly celebrate all days like Father’s day, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day because we feel proud of them and we always wanna thank them so we found a way to thank them in the form of making a special day for them. So its time not to make a day but Feel proud and salute wholeheartedly with full of self respect and bravery to our Indian nation, Our Real heroes of the Nation. come join us by taking selfie of self respect that is salute selfie and make it social viral.How proud we are Say proudly feel proudly to be Indian by a selfie of great salute. Let all the Indians worldwide unite and go Tricolor for our Real Heroes of the Nation.

This is our Social media’s novel way of paying tribute to Indian Army on Independence. So our celebrities also found a new and novel way to respect our Nation, Our Flag, Our Real Heroes. We all Proud 2 b Indian. proud of all of you who guard us on this country.

Finally, Please respect the Indian flags. collect the flags thrown on road celebrate this day as a festival, feel proud on independence..

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Salute Selfies

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Salute Selfies2.

2.Amitabh Bachchan Salute Selfies

amitabh bachchan Salute Selfies

3. Virendra Sehwag Salute Selfies

Virendra Sehwag Salute Selfies

4. Sania Mirza Salute Selfies

Sania Mirza Salute Selfie

5. Kriti Sanon Salute Selfies

Kriti Sanon Salute Selfie

6. Shahid Kapoor Salute Selfies

 Shahid Kapoor Salute Selfie

7. Sonakshi Sinha Salute Selfies

Sonakshi Sinha Salute Selfie

8. Rakul Pret Singh Salute Selfies

Rakul Pret Singh Salute Selfie

9. Rishi Kapoore Salute Selfies

Rishi Kapoor Salute Selfie

10. Nargis Fakri Salute Selfies

Nargis Fakri Salute Selfie

Once again, A big salute to our nation’s real selfless super Heroes.