‘Aashiqui’ Girl Spotted In Beer Launch


Where is she nowadays? What happened to her, for the past one decade? Bollywood’s superduper hit ‘Ashiqui’ brought her rich fame and within no time she disappeared from the screen. She was spotted recently at a beer launch in Mumbai. Remember Anu Agarwal , the hot model, who made a rocking debut in Bollywood opposite Rahul Roy in Aashiqui? Anu Agarwal was born on 11 January 1969 in New Delhi, and was raised in Chennai. She was a gold medalist in sociologyat Delhi University. After a brief stint in modelling, and VJing, she made her Bollywood debut with the musical blockbuster Aashiqui, following which she was much in demand.

In 1999, Anu Agarwal had a near fatal accident in Mumbai and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital, to recuperate after a 29-day coma. She lives in Bihar and is single. She practices yoga at the Bihar school of yoga in Munger, Bihar. She is also an amateur power-lifter and after her accident has competed in many power-lifting competitions.

Anu Agarwal was nearly killed in an accident in 1999. After the accident, Anu Agarwal slept’ for 29 days at a stretch and then suddenly snapped out of the coma to discover that she had broken 29 bones in her body. The accident was so severe that a part of her body including a portion of her face was paralysed. Had it been anyone else, he or she would have probably thought that life couldn’t have been more cruel. But the accident gave birth to a new Anu Aggarwal .

There are few facts available about the accident except for that it happened in 1999 in south Mumbai and from where an unconscious Anu was taken to Breach Candy Hospital. There she did not respond to treatment initially but her heart was beating like normal. The beating of heart never stopped for 29 days as she lay in a coma at the ICU of Breach Candy Hospital. When Anu Agarwal opened her eyes, her slate had been wiped clean. She couldn’t remember anything that led to the crash. Some eyewitnesses who visited her after the crash said that Anu was speaking in English all the time and once-in-a-while she would be left blank in between conversations.Over the next 10 days, after she woke up from her coma, Anu Agarwal had difficulty recognising people. But it would be wrong to assume that Anu Aggarwal retreated into a self-imposed exile after the accident. After spending her days of Yoga in Bihar, she was recently spotted at a Beer launch, in Mumbai. She was reluctant to speak to media, as ‘nothing’ is there to be shared, in her words. People don’t know whether she has ideas about her future `filmy’ career. Only Anu Agarwal knows.