Who will be Akhil’s next??


Akhils debut is almost done and ready for release in next two months. And everything is all set for his second film but the question is who will direct his second film.

Nagarjuna is interested in Akhil working with Trivikram srinivas and as per the schedules of Trivikram it may not be possible right now. So who will be Akhils next?

So the talk is Srinu vaitla is the next option as srinu vaitla is an expert in elevating the hero with an out and out entertainment.

Once Srinu vaitla completes the movie with Ram charan ,Akhils movie might come on to the track.

So people.. Is it Srinu vaitla and Akhil or Trivikram with Akhil?

Lets wait and enjoy the feast because both the combinations are awesome.