To day Akkineni Nageshwa Rao Gari Birth Day.


You could describe him as a die-hard romantic and he would perfectly fit the bill. If you preferred to call him ‘Tragedy King’, he would pass the muster. If one called him the dancing sensation of his era, he would have no competition. Today is Akkineni Nageswararao’s birth day, and we wish to present few pics of Akkineni with his heroines, starting from Bhanumathi to Sridevi.

Akkineni Nageshwa Rao – Bhanumathi:

akkineni nageshwarao bhanumathi


Akkineni Nageshwarao – Anjali Devi:akkineni nageshwarao anajali devi


Akkineni Nageshwa Rao –  Savithri:

akkineni nageshwarao savithri movies


Akkineni Nageshwa Rao – Jamuna:

akkineni nageshwarao jamuna


Akkineni Nageshwarao – Krishna kumari: 

akkineni nageshwarao krishna kumari movies



Akkineni Nageshwa Rao – Vanisree:

akkineni nageshwarao vani sri


Akkineni Nageshwarao – Jayasudha:

 akkineni nageshwarao jayasudha


Akkineni Nageshwa Rao – Jayaprada:

akkineni nageshwarao jayapradha



Akkineni Nageshwarao – Sridevi:

akkineni nageshwarao sridevi