Gunasekhar is better than Rajamouli ?


As we all know that Director Gunasekhar is famous for huge sets like Charminar Set in Okkadu, Madhura Meenakshi Temple Set in Arjun, Marriage mandapa set and great visual effects in Varudu, and stylish VFX in Sainikudu. Gunasekhar has his own style and signature in every film. However, all such credits are washed away with the epic ‘Bahubali’ directed by SS Rajamouli. Apparently, the industry is enjoying hit talk of ‘Bahubali’ but at the same time eyeing on upcoming epic drama ‘Rudhramdevi’ from Gunasekhar. Major difference between the two Mega films is the projection of Anushka’s character. As ‘Bahubali’ hasn’t shown any glamour of Anushka in the part one, The audience and Anushka’s fans were disappointed with Rajamouli’s approach.This is the area where Gunasekhar is set to gain an upper hand. As per the reports, Anushka’s gorgeous and royal looks in the title character will be best selling factor of ‘Rudhramadevi’ although Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy and Rana as Chalukya Veerabhadra are to steal the show. For those audiences who are eagerly waiting to see Anuskha as gorgeous and royal as Arundathi, upcoming ‘Rudhramadevi’ is the answer