Bruce Lee The Fighter Movie Review & Rating.

Bruce lee movie review and rating , bruce lee th

Alajadi Rating


Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preth Singh, Kruthi, Rao Ramesh

Directed by: Srinu Vaitla

Produced by: DVV Danayya

Banner: DVV Entertainments

Music Composed by: S.S Thaman

Director Srinu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat teamed up with mega power star Ram Charan for prestigious movie  “Bruce lee”. This movie created lot of buzz in the industry and expectations went high, when megastar  Chiranjeevi is added to the movie. The movie is released today and here the analysis.


Movie is started with hero’s middle class childhood, where his father Rao Ramesh has bright plans for his son’s future and neglecting his daughte’r(Krithi Karbhanda) dreams due to financial status. But Hero Ram Charan sacrifies his studies and becomes stuntman in movies. Heroine Rakul likes police officers and fall for RamCharan by seeing him in police uniform. Ram Charan always tries to tell her the truth but it didn’t work. Ram charan saves Rakul from couple of incidents while he acting as cop, in which he got rivalry with villain  Arun Vijay. On the other side Rao ramesh is approached by his boss Sampath Raj-Nadiya to ask Krithi karbhanda to his son. Later new twist about relation between Sampath Raj and villain Arun Vijay emerges, which throws Ram Charan’s family into danger. Then the story follows how Ram Charan saved his family?, What is the truth about Sampath Raj and climax.

Alajadi Analysis:

After Aagadu disaster, Srinu Vaitla didn’t learned anything, he still narrated same old story with another set of actors. Same old comedy track with Brahmanandam, where he don’t have mind and act what hero asked him to do. The story is little different with silly twists and thaman’s music is horrible. You don’t understand even in which language the songs are playing. The movie got good comedy track in first half and boring second half is saved by Megastar.

Actors Performance:

 Ram Charan:Hero Ram Charan did fantastic action in his role as Karthis alias Bruce Lee, He danced with ease and romance between him and Rakul is good to watch.

Rakul Preeth: Rakul looks so glamorous in the movie, her skin show in songs brings whistles from the audience. She got more screen presence in this movie than all her other movies.
Rao Ramesh, Sampath, Nadiya and Krithi Karbhanda did their best to suit their roles. Coming to comedians, you need to have more fingers to count them all. No one is fully utilized jayaprakash with his dual role brought some smiles but nothing to do with Brahmmy, Ali, Jabardast team, Vennal Kishore, Sapthagiri and many more.

Technical Team Performance:

Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan, Srinu Vaitla jointly created a routine story which didn’t suites its title. Story is very normal, highly predictable what is coming next. First half of the movie is ok with comedy and introduction to the characters. But Srinu lost control over second half and it is dragged alot. Thaman background music is ok but songs are horrible. Manoj did a good job with cinematography. Ram & Laxmans fight sequences are adequate.  Editing should be some more smooth.

Plus Points:

  • Ram Charan Dances, Fights
  • Mega Star entry in second half
  • Rakul Skin show
  • Cinematography
Minus Points:
  • Poor and predictable story
  • Failed comedy
  • Too many characters
  • Thaman Music

Punch Line: Bruce Lee …Same old story in new bottle.